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RapidFit is an innovative, easy-to-install moulding option for remodeling projects. By fitting over existing moulding, RapidFit eliminates the need to remove old trim and reduces waste being put into landfills. It also covers untidy edges and gaps left by other improvement projects such as painting walls and installing flooring. RapidFit is manufactured from MDF and is primed and ready for paint. Crown moulding, casing, base moulding, plinth blocks and rosettes install just like standard moulding and are available in a variety of profiles. Some of the many advantages of RapidFit are:

  • Installs over existing moulding
    • Saves time and labor costs to remove old moulding
    • Eliminates risk of wall damage from moulding removal
    • No nail removal
  • Installs just like standard moulding
    • Miter corners
    • Or save time with RapidFit® blocks
  • Covers gaps in new flooring
  • Covers caulk lines, messy edged paint or wallpaper
  • Nail directly into the old mouldings - no need to find studs