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Project Ideas

Update an entire room in a few short hours by installing RapidFit® over existing mouldings. RapidFit will give a dramatic new look to your room without having to change the other elements.

  • Installing a new home theater? RapidFit is perfect for concealing electrical wires and cords that run around the perimeter of a room.
  • Messy paint job ruined your trim? RapidFit is a great way to cover paint splatters and overspray left behind by repainting your walls.
  • Scuffs and mars in your trim won't come clean? RapidFit covers ugly moulding while upgrading the look of your room.
  • Installing wallpaper? RapidFit crown and base moulding will easily hide the top and bottom edges of the paper. RapidFit casing will also cover imperfections around doors and windows, to give a finished look.
  • Dog chewed your trim? RapidFit base and casing will hide teeth marks, scratches, and gouges in your existing moulding by covering over it.